Professional Email

Utilizing a professional email address with your own domain, such as [email protected], offers a myriad of advantages over generic email services like Gmail.

Professional Email Service

An email address that makes you stand out

The security and control afforded by a custom domain contribute to safeguarding sensitive information, while the consistency of a professional email image reinforces your brand in every communication.

Moreover, scalability is facilitated, accommodating business growth by easily adding new accounts. Professional email solutions often come with integrated communication tools, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity, making them a comprehensive choice for businesses aiming to establish a polished and reliable online presence.

Custom Email Address Icon

Custom Email Address

Instead of relying on generic email providers, a custom email address allows you to tailor you email address to align with your brand.

Email Storage Icon

Email Storage

The amount of email storage available dictates how many emails and attachments an account can retain over time. Upgrade your plan to increase your storage to 50 GB.

Shared Online Calendars Icon

Shared Online Calendars

A shared online calendar is a digital tool that allows you to collaboratively manage and organize schedules, events, and appointments in a centralized and accessible format.

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Outlook Hosted

Outlook is a comprehensive email hosting service provided by Microsoft that allows businesses to create and manage professional email accounts using their own domain names.

Sync Across All Devices Icon

Sync Across All Devices

Device synchronization enables you to access your emails from various platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, with changes and actions reflected in real-time.

Microsoft 365 Suite Icon

Microsoft 365 Suite

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools and cloud-based services designed to empower individuals and businesses.

Professional email plans

Professional email frequently asked questions

Why do I need a custom professional email if I can just use Gmail?

Having an email address that matches your business domain enhances your brand identity and lends credibility to your communications. It presents a more professional image to clients, partners, and customers. A custom email address also instills trust and confidence. It signals that you are a legitimate and established business, which can be crucial when dealing with clients or potential partners.

Are there any requirements for a custom professional email?
The only requirement is that you own a domain name. If you don’t already own a domain name, we can help you register one here.
I need more than one email — what is the additional cost?

The prices listed above are for each email/account. Each additional email/account will renew at the same price.

Can I use a domain name that I already own?

Absolutely! We’ll help you setup your custom email address using the domain name you already own.

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